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Company Information

Vision: Get Oracle, Get Answers
For 27 years, Oracle has been helping customers manage critical information. Our goal is to make sure that you spend less money on your systems while getting the most up-to-date and accurate information from them. How can you do this? By simplifying or outsourcing your IT infrastructure to reduce costs, and by integrating disparate systems to create a single, global view of your business.

Why is Oracle the only company that can do this for you? It's simple. While our competitors see an industry that offers a unique configuration for every IT system, customers who can't predict the total cost of a system, and organizations that spend a disproportionate percentage of their resources on systems integration, we see one where people can focus on their business, not on their IT department, where businesses buy systems, not individual components that have to be cobbled together by high-priced consultants, and where cost predictibility is a given, not an exception.

Diversity: Equal Opportunity at Oracle
Oracle cultivates a work environment that is inclusive of all employees. Individual differences enrich Oracle's creative, agile work atmosphere and present us with opportunities to examine business issues from varying perspectives.

Communicating effectively and demonstrating mutual respect is simply good business. Using strong ethics and values to guide us in our hiring policies puts us at a distinct competitive advantage. Effectively competing on a global scale requires the strength of a unified workforce fully engaged in meaningful work.

Your current knowledge, your past work experience, and your history of top performance are examples of legitimate guidelines for evaluating your potential to succeed in the Oracle workforce. Our recruiting policy is to identify candidates with proven records of success and/or evident potential for success.

The result is natural: a multicultural atmosphere rich in diversity and enriched by diversity.