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Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics The mission of Advanced Bionics is to use implantable neuro stimulation to treat various neural deficits including deafness, intractable pain, incontinence, blindness and certain brain disorders. There is a multi-billion dollar opportunity in implantable neurostimulation and Advanced Bionics is positioned to take advantage of this opportunity because of its leadership, its success in the field of cochlear implants, and a strategic plan which leverages its core technology.

There are more than 16 million people in the developed world whose conditions, caused by significant neural deficits, can be treated with implantable neurostimulation. With an average stimulator selling price of $10,000, the market potential for these products is in the billions of dollars.

Advanced Bionics is led by its Chairman, Alfred E. Mann. Mann founded two aerospace companies in the 1950's and then ventured into the world of medical devices in 1970. The companies he has founded include Pacesetter Systems (now part of St. Jude Medical), MiniMed Technologies Ltd. (now MiniMed, Inc.), Advanced Bionics, and Medical Research Group.

The first product produced by Advanced Bionics is called the CLARION(c) cochlear implant: a device which directly stimulates the auditory nerve enabling profoundly deaf people to hear. Most profoundly deaf adults, who could hear nothing pre-implant, are now able to hear well enough to communicate on the telephone. Children who are born deaf and who now have the cochlear implant are expected to be mainstreamed in school rather than being educated in deaf schools where only sign language is taught. The result is a profitable business -- growing at over 40% per year with revenues expected to exceed $36 million in 1999.

Advanced Bionics is leveraging the core technology of the CLARION(c) to develop other neurostimulation products. Its first two products outside of the cochlear implant field are directed toward intractable pain and urge incontinence. These two applications involve large untapped markets with few competitors where an innovative, superior technology can have an immediate and large impact.

Visit Advanced Bionic's Web site.