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logo A diversified high-technology research and engineering company based in San Diego, California, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) offers a broad range of expertise in technology development and analysis, computer system development and integration, technical support services, and computer hardware and software products. SAIC scientists and engineers work to solve complex technical problems in the areas of Energy-Oil &Gas, Energy-Utilities, Environment, Financial Services, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Maritime, National Security, Space, Telecommunications, and Transportation.

Since its beginning, SAIC has had a strong commitment to making significant contributions to programs of national importance. Over the past two decades, SAIC's staff has provided technical expertise to cleanup efforts at Three Mile Island and Prince William Sound, to the success of Operation Desert Storm, and to space missions ranging from Voyager to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Now the company is using the latest networking technology to help commercial and government clients secure their data and solve Year 2000 challenges. SAIC's health care systems improve the quality of health care and the productivity of health care providers through automated patient care systems. Globally, SAIC provides state-of-the-art information technology to BP Amoco and the Venezuelan oil company PetrŪleos de Venezuela, S.A.

In November 1997, SAIC greatly expanded its telecommunications capabilities with the acquisition of Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), a leading international provider of communications software, engineering and consulting services.

With the Telcordia Technologies acquisition, highly diversified SAIC generates approximately 50 percent of its business through federal and state government contracts, about half of which is in the national security area. Approximately half of SAIC's business is commercial and international.

Dr. Beyster credits the success of the company to its employee ownership. The hallmark of SAIC through the years has been the principle that "those who contribute to the company should own it, and ownership should be commensurate with employee contribution and performance as much as feasible." From the start, SAIC was designed for professional people who want to perform superior scientific and technical work, who want to have a stake and a voice in the company's development and direction, and who expect fair rewards for doing excellent work. SAIC's successful track record demonstrates that employee ownership creates the incentives and the environment for excellence and growth.

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