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Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks Nortel Networks combines the strengths of Nortel and Bay Networks. We're the only company of our kind-- fully realized, totally focused network visionaries with extensive experience in building and supporting global, scalable, high-capacity/high-reliability public and private networks.

Sure we're big -- if that's important to you. But what's impressive is our market advantage. We're the only company with the global business savvy and incredible breadth of technologies to create market-leading Unified Networks. Networks that define how the world shares ideas. Effortlessly. Anytime, anywhere. Our five major lines of business (Bay Networks, Wireless Networks, Carrier Networks, Carrier Packet Networks and Enterprise Networks) come together to provide uniquely tailored solutions while focusing on specific customer needs.

The great rewards offered here go far beyond our competitive compensation and benefits programs. You'll find a place that gives more and better flexibility in work and career opportunities. Nortel Networks represents a chance to surprise even yourself at what you can become.

So explore an unexpected opportunity. Shape how the world shares ideas. Look into connecting with Nortel Networks.