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Mobius Management Systems, Inc.

Mobius Management Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated solutions for total content management.

For nearly two decades, Mobius has delivered innovative technology that provides access through a common portal to mission-critical documents, reports and images. Mobius solutions have achieved industry-wide recognition for their ability to support high-volume, high-performance, simultaneous-access requirements in distributed environments that range from the desktop to the mainframe. Today, our ViewDirect¨ TCM technology stores and integrates information in virtually any format, presenting and distributing it over the Internet and corporate networks. Personalized views and automated distribution options deliver information in the format needed by each employee, customer and partner.

ViewDirect¨ TCM Content Repository serves as the foundation for a software suite that meets a broad range of content-intensive e-business requirements, including Web content management, workflow and imaging, Internet presentment and payment, and enterprise report distribution. More than 1,300 major organizations worldwide, including more than sixty precent of the Fortune 100, use Mobius software to manage enterprise information and enable e-relationships.

"As competition continues to grow via the e-economy and as customer/partner relationship management becomes more sophisticated, the need for organizations to leverage the wealth of information in documents, images and reports will increase."

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