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Technology @ Chase. Working in technology at Chase means being part of developing world-class financial products and services that will make our customer's lives easier, whether that customer is single parent in Houston or the CEO of a Fortune 50 firm on Wall Street. You'll work on project teams that are renowned in the industry for their innovation and diversity of thought as well as their technological expertise. It's fast, it's fascinating, and you'll be in the middle of it.

So what's life like at Chase? In most respects, it's the energy and innovation of a new company coupled with the experience and heritage of an old. After all, Chase can trace its roots back exactly 200 years - but is a company that, in actuality, is only four years old. Having brought together the best of three heritage firms, Chase people have real pride in the new company, in themselves and what the future holds.

Life at Chase is about attracting and retaining the best people - and then capitalizing on the breadth of their experiences, backgrounds, insights and skills. All of our employee programs and services - from our mentoring and career development offerings to our work-life programs and diversity initiatives - seek to ensure our staff are contributing their best to our exciting franchise. So, why join Chase?

  • Strong culture. We're an organization where values and integrity are put to work.
  • A Legacy of success. For 200 years, the Chase name has been synonymous with innovative ideas.
  • Participation in new business models. We emphasize joint ventures, acquisitions and speed to market - all meeting the requirements for success in today's new economy.
  • Innovative career paths. You choose your career direction, aided by Chase's wide range of businesses and global locations.
  • Solutions for work-life. Our many programs help you contribute your best both at the office and at home. (As a matter of fact, Chase consistently ranks among the top 100 companies in the US by Working Mother Magazine, citing our 'exceptional child care' and flexible work arrangements)
  • The chance to make a difference. Our culture values teamwork, the sharing of ideas and - most importantly - thinking beyond boundaries.
  • Rewarding your contributions. Competitive pay and benefits programs ensure you're recognized for helping meet business objectives. (We were one of the first financial institutions to offer stock options to all employees.)
  • Getting involved. You'll have a multitude of ways to network and grow at Chase, from our employee networking groups and mentoring programs to membership on nearly 50 global diversity councils.
So, get involved today! Review our positions here or on our website and get ready to begin your relationship with Chase.