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Products that are ahead of their time. People that are ahead of the game. And solutions that are leading the future.

At Xerox we combine innovative minds and incredible technology to cross boundaries others only dream of. Thanks to a pioneering spirit and employee ingenuity, we've taken the Xerox name from the first xerographic copier to a multi-billion dollar powerhouse. Proving that a company built on original thinking does more than build confidence, it builds success. That's why we give our employees free reign to express opinions and ideas. After all, ideas fuel imagination. And imagination is where tomorrow begins.

One step ahead is where we feel at home. That's why we recruit exceptional people that help us lead the digital age. People that share their talents to create products that keep us on the world stage. Amazing inventions like the DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press. The culmination of more than 40 years of research, intensive product development and a $1 billion investment, we've created the next generation of printing. With SmartPress Technology and over 300 patents protecting this breakthrough model, the DocuColor iGen3 is light years ahead of the competition. The fastest and most cost-effective xerographic sheet-fed color press in history, it's almost 50% faster than anything on the market now. Innovation like that is why companies like Mercedes-Benz, Siemens and Kinkos trust us with their business and why nearly 18 million pages are printed on our systems every day. It's what makes us one of the world's most recognizable names and a favorite employer.

At Xerox we realize that to maintain our position requires top talent, hard work and a commitment unlike any other. That's why we employ creative thinkers who bring new ideas to the table and new insights into the fold. And why we reward them with customized benefits that fit their needs. Including flex hours, telecommuting, a personal development plan, mentoring and more. With an empowering environment and a diverse family of professionals, we've built a team that spans the globe and products that span history.

Xerox employees see the world differently. They explore options. Tackle adventure and seize opportunity. It's what makes them different and what allows us to share in the future of innovation today. Innovations like Gyricon sheets, created in our Palo Alto lab and used in the technology behind electronic reusable paper. Or our new Xerox Phaser 7700, the industry's first tabloid color laser printer capable of reaching speeds of up to 22 pages per minute. With full-bleed capabilities, automatic two-sided printing and an optional finisher/stacker, we're not only accommodating the industry; we're revolutionizing it.

These are the products of the future. They come from the dedication of over 92,000 talented professionals and from the leadership of people like Anne Mulcahy, President and CEO of Xerox and one of Fortune's "Most Powerful Women." To continue our progress and bring these ideas to life requires people that cross the line, ignore convention and go beyond what's expected. People like you. And the people of Xerox.