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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente IT has nearly 3,000 people working in 34 locations across the United States. The sheer scope and size of our organization presents the IT professional with incredible opportunities to learn and grow.

While ongoing training is one of the many benefits of working at Kaiser Permanente IT, another is our project-oriented work environment. This enables the IT professional to gain new skill sets by working on a variety of projects.

Within the Kaiser Permanente IT Division, there is great opportunity to develop applications for just about any technology that exists in the IT world today. Kaiser Permanente IT has one of the largest (if not the largest) Oracle shared database projects in the world.

Millions of dollars are being invested in Kaiser Permanente's information technology infrastructure. Conceptualizing, planning, building and implementing the systems that will support an unprecedented repository of medical knowledge, and the capability for sharing it, present unparalleled challenges.

We envision free-flowing information between physicians, health plan administrators, and patients to create access to existing and new channels of care delivery for improved health outcomes. We are committed to systems that enable efficient growth--one member or whole groups at a time.

Our vision provides the opportunity of a lifetime for IT professionals who want to see their work impact the quality of other people's lives.

We are creating a program-wide vision of how to use new technology to better care for our members. This vision will become a practical reality within a work environment that:

Uses creative problem solving to determine the scalability and appropriateness of existing and new technology within the healthcare realm

Respects both individual autonomy and team collaboration on projects that support the "bigger mission" of a healthcare organization

Provides and receives support for well-funded national level projects that bring value and purpose to technology

Values interaction between IT professionals, healthcare professionals and members in the delivery of healthcare related technology

Is building a nationally renowned group of Web professionals in support of Kaiser Permanente's National Operations

Is dedicated to changing the way healthcare does business

For further information on Kaiser Permanente IT please visit: or email: