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E-greetings Network

E-greetings Network Ask people why they got "wired" and most will say something like, "... in order to communicate." And that's why E-greetings Network was founded.

A pioneer in electronic commerce, E-greetings Network has been expanding the horizons of creative interpersonal communication since 1994. From its inception, selling personalized paper greeting cards via CD-ROM, to its current status as the Internet's premier digital greetings purveyor, the company's premise is being validated by the marketplace. That vision, simply put, is that people are getting wired in order to communicate with each other, and truly effective communication requires expressive capabilities.

Not surprisingly, E-greetings Network continues to define the technology, distribution and content infrastructure of the overall digital greetings market. This evolving marketplace recently has been discovered by greeting card industry behemoths Hallmark and American Greetings. The upshot of this interest and increased awareness these companies bring is that E-greetings Network is no longer developing a marketplace for itself but is now the recognized leader of a vastly larger arena.

Gibson Greetings' recent investment in E-greetings Network has paved the way for additional E-greeting content licensing. Gibson will offer more than 1,000 E-greetings through E-greetings Network by the end of 1998, adapted from Gibson's current and future paper greeting cards. Godzilla, Star Trek, King of the Hill, Austin Powers and Sesame Street are a few of the highly recognizable characters and brand names with whom Gibson has licensing agreements.

Distribution partnerships with partners such as Hotmail, Excite and AOL will deliver more than 2.5 billion exposures for the E-greetings service in 1998 alone. The volume generated by these impressions already make E-greetings Network one of the most active transactional sites on the web today.

E-greetings Network's edge in the market is a result of balancing a far-reaching vision with a tightly focused attention on the possibilities for online communication. The Internet knows no boundaries, and E-greetings Network will continue to innovate enhanced technology, bold content, and relevant channels of distribution to drive the digital greetings market into the 21st century.

E-greetings® digital products

E-greetings Network markets both original and licensed creative images called E-greetings. Customers select from among thousands of E-greetings, enter a personal message, and send their digital greetings via E-mail to the recipient's E-mail in box. A URL is also listed in case the recipient cannot view graphical E-mail.

E-greetings Network's current digital products include E-greetings animations and postcards.