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Siemens Medical Systems

A National Leader In Advanced Medical Technology
Siemens Medical Systems, Inc. is a leading U.S. developer, manufacturer, supplier and exporter of technologically advanced medical equipment and systems for use in diagnostic imaging, cardiology, oncology, critical care, anesthesiology and audiology. Yet companies such as Siemens cannot succeed, or even survive, with technology alone. They must be problem solvers. They must be overachievers with a desire to provide total solutions. They must possess the ability to help customers reduce costs, manage resources and improve care.

Siemens Medical Systems employs nearly 4,500 people in the U.S. and has reported sales of approximately $1.7 billion. Much of the company's success can be attributed to its strong commitment to research and development, as well as the advancement of its production facilities. About 15% of annual sales revenues are spent in these areas in order to ensure Siemens' strong leadership role within the medical technology field. One of the company's most cutting-edge divisions is its Oncology Care Systems Group.

A Renaissance In Radiation Therapy
Siemens has been pioneering new developments in cancer research and therapy for more than 100 years. Carrying on this tradition is Siemens Oncology Care Systems Group, a leading supplier of advanced medical electronics systems and products. Based in Concord, CA, the Oncology Care Systems Group is dedicated to improving quality of life on a global scale by providing sophisticated, frontline equipment in the battle against cancer. The Group's primary objective is to identify and meet the growing technological requirements of caregivers throughout the Oncology field.

In response to the need for a safer delivery process for radiation therapy, OCS developed IMART. This unique technology provides a totally integrated solution that allows faster treatment, better verification, and a more cohesive delivery process. IMART allows radiation doses to conform to the exact shape of the tumor, while minimizing the treatment's effect on healthy tissue. This technology is a direct result of Siemens' strong personal commitment to improving patient recovery time and reducing complications commonly associated with radiation therapy. And because many OCS team members actually visit hospitals to see the technology they developed at work, there is a deep sense of accomplishment at every level of the organization.

Siemens rewards the dedication and personal commitment of its employees with meaningful projects, competitive salaries, excellent benefits and an opportunity to work in one of Northern California's most affordable and livable cities. Most importantly, we offer the satisfaction of knowing the work we do helps advance the treatment of cancer worldwide. For company or career information regarding the Oncology Care Systems Group, please visit