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Epicor "The name Epicor suggests both a central foundation that gives strength, direction and purpose to the whole, as well as a feeling of something dramatic and groundbreaking," said George Klaus, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Epicor. "At the center of every business is a core of essential elements and measurements that are critical to a company's overall performance and success. Epicor's business performance solutions provide companies with the powerful management and customer intelligence capabilities that help them fuel growth and build a competitive advantage."

Ranked by industry analysts as one of the 10 largest providers of enterprise business solutions worldwide, Epicor delivers business performance solutions that enable companies to outperform their competition and capitalize on customer relationships without the risks and upheaval of conventional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The company has become widely recognized as a leading supplier of ERP systems focused solely on meeting the needs of midmarket companies, which, unlike the Global 1000, have limited resources.

"Epicor is about business performance solutions that enable companies to capitalize on the full value of their customer relationships and interact with their customers on a more personalized, one-to-one basis," said Bill Pieser, executive vice president of product operations and marketing for Epicor. "In today's homogeneous market, companies are competing for customers not only on the basis of product differentiation but more on the quality and longevity of their customer interactions. Epicor moves beyond conventional ERP systems by providing integrated business performance solutions that enable companies to not only run more efficiently but help them expand their market share."

Pieser continued, "Companies in the midmarket need more than just user-friendly ERP systems to grow their business and are looking for ways to re-orient all of their operations to focus on customer relationships. Epicor is firmly committed to providing these companies with the strongest possible customer relationship advantages at every touch point throughout their organization -- whether in back office, front office, or e-commerce interactions -- and across the span of the customer lifecycle." Single-minded Focus on the Midmarket

Epicor will maintain its focus on the midmarket -- with more than 10,000 enterprise customers worldwide, the company offers extensive experience in meeting and exceeding the needs of mid-sized companies. Epicor understands the unique challenges and opportunities midmarket businesses face and has designed its solutions specifically to meet those needs. Rather than shoehorn an application made for a much larger company into a customer's business, or overwhelm an application made for a smaller company, Epicor's business performance solutions offer the right mix of sophisticated functionality, advanced technology and ease-of-use the midmarket needs to be successful.

"Our approach reflects our deep understanding of midmarket buyers, their dynamic business cycles and requirements," said Pieser. "And, unlike other major ERP vendors, our products have been designed from the ground up for the midmarket to ensure that mid-sized companies can automate on their own terms without losing the value of their best business practices." Customer Relationships as Competitive Advantage

Successful businesses know their greatest corporate assets are the relationships they have with their customers. Outstanding customer service sets companies apart from each other and determines who are the market leaders and who are the followers.

Epicor understands that customer service has become the primary competitive weapon in today's business world. Epicor provides solutions that enable its users to take care of their customers, even as their businesses grow.

While most conventional ERP systems focus solely on improving the efficiency of business processes, Epicor's business performance solutions focus on dramatically improving customer satisfaction. Epicor tightly integrates its front and back office applications so that customer information is consistent and easily accessible throughout a user's entire business. Any customer issue, any customer inquiry, can be handled quickly and efficiently.

Visit Epicor's Web site.