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EDS EDS is a professional services firm that applies consulting, information and technology in innovative and productive ways to enable clients to improve their overall performance, extend their enterprise ahead of the competition and better serve their customers.

Through a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings that includes electronic business and the latest exciting Internet technology, EDS is the provider of choice for thousands of leading enterprises and governments around the globe.

EDS' business is making clients more successful: the company works with clients and business partners to provide thought leadership and to create measurable value by unleashing the full potential of information and technology. One of EDS' driving principles is that how technology is used is much more important than technology itself. EDS views technology as a tool for addressing business issues and creating opportunities for clients. The company combines its wide range of industry knowledge, broad technical experience and expertise and deep business insight to provide services that meet and exceed clients' requirements anywhere in the world - in a competitively priced, customized manner.

EDS is highly innovative in using technology to solve business problems and help clients in such areas as improving customer service, enhancing the quality of their products and even getting to market ahead of the competition. EDS is constantly looking for ways for it and its clients to be more competitive.

EDS was founded in 1962 and has been a leader in the information and technology field for 36 years. The company has more than 110,000 employees and serves clients in 47 countries in such industries as manufacturing, aerospace, health care, financial, insurance, food, retail, travel and transportation, energy and communications. EDS also has many clients in the government arena - at the state and local level as well as the national level. It provides all of the information technology services for the State of South Australia, for example, as well as similar services for Great Britain's taxing agency, the Inland Revenue. Among EDS' commercial clients are MCIWorldcom, Chevron, General Motors Corporation, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and BellSouth.

The company's services portfolio is made up of four service lines - Systems and Technology Services, Management Consulting, Business Process Management and Electronic Business. Each of these areas has tremendous growth potential, and each contains a wide assortment of related service offerings.

EDS stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange under the symbol EDS. The company is very strong financially: it registered revenues of $16.89 billion in 1998 and has signed new contracts valued at more than $28 billion in just the past two years. EDS has a "backlog" of client commitments of more than $70 billion and has a robust pipeline of new-business opportunities.

EDS is committed to being a great place to work, a trusted business partner and an attractive investment.

For more information about the company, please visit the EDS Web site.

Visit EDS' Web site

EDS and the EDS logo are registered marks of Electronic Data Systems Corporation. EDS is an equal opportunity employer and values the diversity of its people. Copyright 1999 Electronic Data Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.