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Chordiant Company Description
After developing custom software for large companies to better manage their customer relationships for more than a decade, Chordiant decided to productize its knowledge and experience. What emerged was the Customer Communication System (CCS), its flagship product. The company now focuses on providing leading edge call center applications for large customer-centric enterprises. It promises to transform a call center into an Enterprise Business Center, while is highly responsive to business changes.

Chordiant's Customer Communication Solution (CCS) is a far-reaching software solution created to help large companies with diverse customer bases manage interactions in a streamlined, customer-centric fashion. The system is optimized to work in a call center environment, which remains the hub of most company-customer interaction at this point, and provides a rich set of back-office integration capabilities. One reason this approach stands out from a one-to-one perspective is its ability to personalize interactions. CCS is designed to eliminate hand-offs and handle customer needs at a single point of contact. It also enhances the service rep's ability to cross-sell products and services.

The foundation of the EBC is Chordiant's adaptive software based on object and workflow technology. It's called Chordiant CCS-Customer Communications Solution. The software relies on a layered architecture which insulates components from each other and allows enhancements to be made in a plug-and-play, modular way. It is designed to facilitate efforts to introduce new workflows/business logic as necessary. The software's implementation was developed to provide benefits such as flexibility, reusability, and scalability and high performance.