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Company Information

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of solutions to meet our customers' challenging computing needs. Over the years Mercury has built a solid reputation for understanding our customers' applications and providing the engineering and systems expertise to design and deliver the optimal solution.

Offering component-level and system-level solutions that span hardware, software, silicon IP, services, and systems, Mercury has earned the privilege of serving customers across diverse industry segments including aerospace and defense, telecommunications, life sciences, energy, electronics manufacturing, and education and research.

Since the start of operations in 1983, Mercury has maintained a long-term focus on specific segments of the computing market. This focus enables us to deliver an unmatched depth of expertise and solutions in computing technologies, in areas that include radar and sonar signal processing, diagnostic medical imaging, visualization, communications signal processing, and visual inspection.

For more information about Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. please visit us at www.mc.com